New Blog

During lockdown I had plenty of chances to stop and reflect on many things. One of these was how I had approached my photography over the last few years following health issues and what I wanted from it going forward.

During and just after the lockdown there has been a number of changes in regards to the kit that I am now using as well. Prior to health issues taking over a few years ago, I was shooting 35mm film as well as digital.
Digital was always my main focus when it came to the business side of things to the point that I started shooting film less and less.
When I stopped shooting professionally a few years back my film and indeed much of my digital photography got put on the back burner (more on this another time).

Things have now changed somewhat and I have decided to document some of this by starting a new blog on the site.
This is something that I have not done now for a few years but thought this would be a good place to document and highlight some areas of my work and hopefully help others out along the way.

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