Getting Back into Film

Recent events had given me more than enough time to go over earlier work and start thinking about what I wanted from my photography going forward.
One of these was to re-kindle my love of film photography, something I had not done in nearly 10 years. The other was making the jump to Medium format. Being primarily a landscape photographer and shooting a fair amount of my work in black and white already this seemed an ideal choice.

A few kit changes started taking place and among them was the purchase of a Pentax 645. Along side the 80-160 Zoom that with the camera I also purchased the 45mm. Both these should fit well with my style of photography.

I quickly put a few test rolls through the camera trying to get back into the swing of things.
The first rolls I put through I was not happy with, the dynamic range and tonal curve was not what I was looking for in an everyday film for my landscape photography as well as a several shots being under exposed due to figuring out how the in camera metering was setup.
It was then suggested by a friend and fellow photographer that I tried ILFORD FP4 Plus, this was something I had shot on before and with a borrowed roll of film in hand I set out to shoot another set.

The developing was done using Cinestill DF-96 which went well apart from an issue I had whilst loading the film on the reel which resulted in a number of the images being scratched.
A mistake I am hoping to not replicate again and have since purchased a different reel made by AP which should help overcome the problems I had initially using the standard Paterson reel.
I scanned the images using an Epson V600 Flatbed Scanner and applied a small amount of adjustments in Photoshop.

I was really pleased with how they came out. This being only my third day with the camera and the difference in the film choice was clear. I expect ILFORD FP4 Plus being my film of choice for 90% of my photography but already have a few others in the fridge ready to test for more specific work.

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