ACC Printing Service

The following information is for Aberystwyth Camera club Members Only.


This service is a provided to allow members to access high quality Giclée style prints in comparison to a number of online and high street printers at a competitive price.
Unless otherwise stated all paper is of an archival quality and high quality “Third Party” Pigment inks are used. Where possible the print should be placed behind UV Conservation Glass, mounted using Acid free products and kept out of direct sunlight. Where conservation is going to be a factor then please ask about the availability of oem ink or other options to help protect the print.

Costs (as of 26/10/18):

  • External Compeition sized print on either Oyster, Matt or Gloss – £4 per print
  • External Competition sized prints (Bulk order on a single paper media) – Being Investigated
  • Image printed on and upto A3 (may need trimming) on either Oyster, Matt or Gloss – £4
  • Image printed on or upto A3+ (may need trimming) on either Oyster, Matt or Gloss – £5 (Check Availability)
  • Custom print on a number of fine-art papers (please ask for options) upto A3+ – From £7

*Please note that unless requested all prints will be printed with a small border around the edge. Also please note that some “fine-art” papers will require a mandatory 30mm border (ask for details).

All prints come packaged in individual Sleeves.

Image Preparation:

This is where printing through myself differs in comparison to may online and high street printers.

Accepted file types include JPEG,PNG,PSD or 16bit TIFF.
For the best and widest gamut print please ensure where possible that the colour space of the image is either untouched from the camera raw default (normally Adobe RGB for raw files) or set to either Pro-Photo RGB or Adobe RGB.

Images printed using files set to SRGB are accepted but will reduce the tonality and gamut of the final print.


It is recommended that all prints are soft proofed for tonality, colour and gamut using a calibrated monitor and the profile for the required paper before printing (Profiles are provided here).

Images should be proofed using Perceptual Rendering with Black point compensation enabled.
However, All images that contain skin tones or tones that are critical to the image (wedding dresses and the such) should be proofed using Relative Colorimetric and Black Point Compensation Enabled.

Sizing of Images for Print:

Prints are to be sent either at their full resolution or cropped and sized for the required print size (to be agreed).

Where an image has been pre-sized and is being used for an external competition, prints are to be  have a maximum image size on its longest edge of 390mm and where possible a minimum of 300ppi.

Images that are pre-sized should also be checked and sharpened After they have been resized.

File Names:

The the sake of clarity I have devised an easy to follow naming scheme for naming of images for individual members prints.

YOURNAME_SIZE_PAPERTYPE_RENDERING (Rel = Relative Colorimetric or Perc = Perceptual)

Example 1: JoeBloggs_sized_Oyster_Rel
Example 2: JoeBloggs_FULL_A3_Gloss_Perc
Example 3: JaneDoe_FULL_Comp_Matt_Rel

Example 1 advises that Joe Bloggs wants a pre-sized print on Oyster Paper using Relative Colorimetric rendering

Example 2 advises that Joe Bloggs wants an un-sized image to print on A3 (will be resized to fit with borders) on gloss paper using perceptual rendering

Example 3 advises that Jane Doe wants a un-sized image, sized to maximum external competition size on matt paper using Relative Colorimetric rendering

Where the Rendering is unknown or the member has not been able to proof the print please state an “X” for the Rendering type. The default Rendering in this case will be Relative Colorimetric to preserve in-gamut colours within the image.

Uploading Images for print:

Where possible a USB stick is to be provided however this may not always be the case so I have setup cloud storage to facilitate the uploading of images for print.

For cloud storage uploads please send me an email (or ring if urgent) and a link will be provided via email where the image(s) can be uploaded to.
Anyone wishing to use this facility on a more regular basis please create a dropbox account and I can share the folder with you to enable for easier uploads.

All Members are also more than welcome to and have images printed whilst you wait (tea or coffee provided).

Please email with “PRINT REQUEST” in the subject line to request a print via email.

Print Collection and Delivery Service:

Prints can either collected from the house as agreed or from the next camera club meeting (Please check if I am attending due to work).

Problems with prints?

If there is a problem at the time of printing that is due to a printing fault then a re-print will always be offered free or charge. Where a problem has been found that is due to user error then re-prints will be charged for at their normal rate.

If you require a print or print service that is not on here please let me know and I will see what I can do.

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